Art History Workshops

Enhance your art knowledge with our interactive and engaging online art history sessions. Exclusively designed for enrolled students of The Art Institute, these online sessions (priced at only £29 per workshop) provide a unique opportunity to learn from leading art experts and experienced tutors. Improve your critical thinking skills further and become art savvy, with our online art history sessions, which cover a broad range of topics, enabling you to engage with art and art history on a deeper level.

Be inspired by some of our previous sessions below and join us today to take you on a surprising journey of discovery through time and culture.

Upcoming Workshops

Expand your knowledge and skills with our workshops featuring a variety of industry experts and topics.

Art Appreciation

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Past Workshops

If you were not able to make it to one of our previous online workshops and would like to purchase the recording and booklet, please contact the student support team.

Art Appreciation

Making sense of paintings: Past and Present

Join AI tutor, Stephen Farthing as he explains how to understand and decipher the meaning behind the paintings.

Art Appreciation

The Painted Nude: From the idealised to the politicised

Join AI tutor Francesca Ramsay for a revealing session on depicting the nude.

The Artist's Medium: How different media affect the process of making art

Join AI tutor, Libby Anson, in this online session as she discusses the media western artists have been using over time, the look and how it influences the final result.

Making Sense of Art Movements

Join art expert Susie Hodge as she teaches us about all art movements, the influences of the major Western art movements and how to recognise them.


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